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Lisa’s Story

I remember it as if it were yesterday, the day I stepped into that travel agency for the very first time. The anticipation bubbled within me, dreams of helping others explore the world dancing in my mind. But little did I know that the path ahead would be filled with criticism, judgement and negativity.

The atmosphere in the office was heavy, almost suffocating. A toxic culture permeated every corner, seeping into the souls of those who worked there. The staff were treated poorly, their worth diminished with each passing day. Negativity hung in the air like a thick fog, obscuring any glimmers of hope. It was an environment destined for failure.

And so it happened. The business faltered, stumbling towards its inevitable demise. One by one, my colleagues resigned, seeking solace in a world beyond the confines of that awful environment. It was a sinking ship.

But then, a glimmer of opportunity emerged amidst the chaos. The manager, the very architect of this crumbling empire, finally left. A decision I am truely grateful for. In that moment, I made a choice—a choice to put my hand up to step into the void left behind, to shoulder the burden of turning this business around, even though I had no business or leadership skills to speak of.

With a sense of determination coursing through my veins, I set out on a mission to rebuild what had been shattered. But I knew one thing for certain—I would never treat my team as I had been treated. I understood the pain of being undervalued and belittled, and I vowed to create a different kind of environment—a safe haven where everyone’s voices would be heard and respected.

In an audacious move, I assembled a team of individuals with no prior experience in the travel industry. They were like raw diamonds, waiting to be shaped and polished. I believed in their potential, their hunger to learn and grow. Together, we would rise from the ashes.

But as I stood there, facing a sea of unfamiliar faces, doubt whispered in my ear. How could I, with my limited knowledge, guide them towards success? It was in that moment of vulnerability that I understood the power of learning, of expanding my horizons beyond what I knew. I delved deep into the world of leadership and business, devouring every piece of knowledge that came my way.

But my journey was never just about acquiring knowledge. It was about transforming lives, about cultivating a culture of empathy and understanding. Together, my team and I defied the odds, breathing life back into the dying embers of our agency. We turned it around by almost $150,000 in profit. The numbers were merely a reflection of the profound transformation we had all undergone.

Years passed, marked by tireless dedication and relentless pursuit of growth. I obtained a Master Practitioner certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), unlocking the secrets of effective communication and motivation. I delved into the intricacies of business obtaining my MBA (Masters of business administration), specialising in Leadership and Innovation.

Today, I stand tall, a testament to the power of resilience and the ability to rise above adversity. My passion burns brightly, fueled by the lessons I have learned along the way. I have made it my life’s work to study and understand the intricacies of leadership and business, to guide others on their own transformative journeys.

Through it all, I have come to realise that leadership is not just about titles or expertise—it is about understanding the emotional pain that others may carry, and using that understanding to foster an environment of trust and growth. It is about creating a space where everyone feels valued, where their voices are heard and their contributions recognised.

My story is not just my own; it is a testament to the resilience that lies within all of us. It is a reminder that from the depths of despair, we can rise, empowered by new knowledge. Our past does not define us. We have the power to shape our futures, to become leaders who inspire and ignite change. And in that realisation, we find our true purpose—the unwavering belief in the potential of others and the unwavering pursuit of a brighter tomorrow.

Training & Facilitating

Lisa Wiking is a dynamo of energy and enthusiasm, infusing her training and facilitation sessions with contagious fun and vitality. With her magnetic personality and captivating style, she transforms learning into an exhilarating adventure with practical skills. Through interactive activities, engaging discussions, and playful exercises, Lisa ignites a spark in participants, creating an electric atmosphere that inspires growth, collaboration, and laughter. Her training sessions are not just informative—they are vibrant experiences that leave attendees buzzing with excitement and ready to conquer the world with newfound knowledge and zest.

Coaching & Mentoring

Lisa Wiking is a coach/mentor with an unwavering passion and deep commitment to the success of her clients. With every interaction, she brings an infectious enthusiasm that ignites a fire within individuals to reach their fullest potential. Lisa’s dedication shines through as she invests her time, energy, and expertise to guide and support her clients on their unique journeys. Her unwavering belief in their abilities coupled with her compassionate guidance creates a powerful partnership, fostering growth, unlocking hidden talents, and empowering her clients to achieve remarkable success.

About Lisa Wiking


Lisa Wiking is an unstoppable force in the world of leadership and professional development. With a rich background in transforming failing businesses into thriving enterprises, she has honed her skills in igniting positive change and creating vibrant, inclusive cultures. Armed with her passion and unwavering commitment, Lisa has obtained master practitioner certifications in NLP and a Masters in Business Administration specializing in Leadership and Innovation. Through her dynamic coaching, mentoring, and training, she empowers individuals and teams to unleash their full potential, overcome challenges, and achieve remarkable success. Lisa’s expertise and infectious energy make her a catalyst for growth, inspiring others to embrace their greatness and create lasting impact in their personal and professional lives.


1. Fun – We make sure every project and interaction is infused with fun.

2. Connection – We prioritize building genuine connections as the foundation of our service.

3. Responsibility – We own our results, driving change when needed.

4. Quality – Our work reflects our reputation; we deliver nothing but the highest quality.

5. Growth – We are dedicated to continuous learning and business development.

6. Achievement – Our values fuel our achievements.


 Level up your business with Lisa Wiking as your Trainer or Coach! Experience a dynamic journey of growth and transformation that combines fun, inspiration, and remarkable results. Developing human skills through training or coaching is essential in today’s business landscape, as it empowers your team to build strong connections, unlock their full potential, and thrive in a rapidly changing environment. With Lisa’s expertise, you’ll equip your workforce with the tools and insights to navigate challenges, drive innovation, and create a high-performance culture that fuels success. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey where developing human skills becomes the secret weapon that propels your business to new heights.

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