The BIPlan System

Make your business more profitable, scalable & saleable.

The most credible tool you can use to measure, manage and improve your business against business best practice standards.

Lisa The Business Strategist is an authorised BIPlan System partner and an approved BIPlan System Advisor

What you don’t measure, you can’t improve!

Peter Drucker

Management Consultant

See how these small business owners are measuring, managing and improving their businesses using the BIPlan System.

So often you don’t know what you don’t know in your business. Working my way through the BIPlan System has made me excited about the next few years in my business because I can see that I finally have a tool to guide my strategic development across every area. Now I have a guide that shows me exactly what I didn’t know before, which has turned those black spots into a specific list of action steps I need to take to create growth that lasts.

Kerry Anne Nelson

Founder, Operation Verve

OMGoodness –  it is AMAZING!!! I am a dreamer and build sand castles in the sky and now thanks to this brilliant system I can confidently build my castles on firm and solid foundations. And it is SO easy to use. The BIPlan System has done all the hard work to ensure every aspect of your business is where is should be. There is a community full of brilliant minds always sharing their expert knowledge. No matter what business you are in, if you want to be around in 5 years time I highly recommend using the BIPlan System.

Paige Thomas

Gettin Ready 4 Life

The BIPlan System made me appreciate how many opportunities there are for making a business more successful. It contains over 200 steps covering areas as diverse as brand identity, financial management, management of people and risk, customer relationships and environmental impact. Each of these steps are important in their own right, some take longer to implement than others, but taken as a whole they help a business to become more profitable as well as a good corporate citizen.

Robin Snelling

CFO, Virtual CFO Group

Here’s How it Works

Step 1


In this FREE Assessment I’ll walk you through a series of questions to help you learn what it takes to build a better business – showing you how to increase your profits, free up your precious time, prepare for growth, and minimise risk.

Takes approx one hour to complete the full assessment.

Step 2


You’ll receive an obligation free report showing how your business compares to best practice standards developed, tested and proven by Australian small business specialists.

Discover where you are doing well and where there is room for improvement across the five key result areas of planning, customers, operations, financial management and leadership – Business Coach Program Melbourne.

Step 3


Once you’ve got your plan and understand where your business is now, then it’s time to start taking action.  You are invited to join myself and a group of business owners committed to improving their business, by working through the programme, implementing and completing one step each week.  You will have access to specialists in different areas and obtain the support and guidance required as you continue to improve your best business practice – Small Business Coaching Melbourne .

Step 4

Getting Started

Ready to start making your business more profitable, scalable and saleable?
  • Assess your business against best practice standards developed by Australian small business specialists.
  • Get an obligation free report showing the gaps that may be holding you back or putting your business at risks.
  • Receive a business improvement plan tailored to your business goals and objectives. 
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