The answer to that question will give you a clue about whether or not your team feel ‘Psychologically Safe’.

Psychological Safety, isn’t about physical safety…..

It is about how safe your team feel emotionally, without fear of being judged or ridiculed whilst feeling confident to express thoughts and ideas within the team environment.

If your team feel Psychologically Safe, you will notice:

  • Happy, engaged employees
  • Employees being willing to go above and beyond for customers
  • Great customer feedback
  • Low staff Turnover
  • Increased profits

So, the question is, “How do you ensure your team feel Psychologically Safe?”

Whilst I could write a book on all the things you can do to ensure your team feel Psychologically Safe…. the underlying principle to do so, is to meet the needs of your team…. In other words…. how would you like your son or daughter, mum or dad treated at work? And do that!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Document and explain the clear expectations of them
  • Ensure they have a detailed job description
  • Explain how their achievement will be measured
  • Measure it consistently and advise them how often
  • Offer feedback and help to improve their performance consistently
  • Schedule meetings the same day and time each week (no surprises)
  • Offer clear and direct feedback on poor performance at the time you become aware of the need to

The more they feel safe… the more they can focus on thriving and achieving success. If they don’t feel safe, all they have the ability to focus on is ‘how to survive and fly under the radar, to ensure they aren’t judged or ridiculed!

How do I know?….. I’ve experienced this first hand and subsequently, have spent the last 24 years learning all there is to know about how to make my team feel safe! Have you ever felt Psychologically Unsafe?