Success comes from doing the hard things first, whether it is becoming an Olympian swimmer, a great football player or developing the skills to be a great ballet dancer success comes from doing the hard things first. Think of all of those early mornings, at the pool, the endless days at training, or the relentless hours at the studio. Your business is no different. When starting a business, there is much practice, repetitions, honing on knowledge and skill sets, that will become more and more refined as you practice. There is time required to plan to ensure that you know what move to take at what moment, to maximise your potential for success. If you rush through these setups, quickly wanting to get to the point where, yes I can take clients or sell my product, and you skip over the training that is required to build that business muscle or to strengthen your ability, then that’s when you are going to have increased difficulty, and potentially not have the strength to keep going.

What I like to talk about with my clients, is how do we prioritise doing the things that need to be done to build the business muscle to give you the strength to be able to perform on a consistent basis, over and over again with the ability to show up every single day, even when you don’t feel like it.

Step 1:

This is what I call, building the foundations of your business and it really starts from the very core which is your own purpose. Getting super clear, as the founder of the business, how does this business fulfil your purpose and creating the business purpose or ‘just cause’ as a derivative.

Why is purpose so important, well firstly, the more aligned you are with your business activity, the more fulfilled and satisfied you will feel – Business Coach Program Melbourne.

Secondly, when you know your purpose and you communicate it to your market, it enables you to engage your audience in a more powerful way. As Simon Sinek say, “People don’t follow you for what you do, they follow you for why you do it”.

And finally, when you have staff, it also offers another dimension as an employer, where people will want to work for you because they are engaged in the mission of your business, not just for the remuneration. Which in itself has many positive ramifications. Ideally a successful small business will always be related in some way shape or form to fulfilling the founders and employees purpose.

Step 2: 

Next is the business vision and what the image of success looks like in the business, how that looks in context of where the business is at now, and identifying how to close the gap is important to include in the plan.

Step 3:

Next is the mission of the business, what problem does the business solve and who does it solve it for. Getting really clear on who that person is that is looking to solve this problem, through the use of your services or your product.

Step 4:

Then we get into the nitty gritty of identifying clear goals, which are essentially the key performance indicators or measurements of how well you are doing business.

Once you have this structure in place, you the ability to make purposeful decisions to be clear on what is a yes and what is a no – Small Businesses Coach Melbourne.

I had a client recently, who had many options thrown at her through building her business. Because we’d already done the vision and purpose work, she knew exactly what the answer was to the question that was being presented to her. She held her vision firm in her mind, stuck to her guns, and she got exactly what she wanted in the exchange of negotiating. So, one of the benefits of being clear on your purpose and vision is that it helps in negotiating.

Enabling you to move towards that vision in a much more effective and purposeful way, rather than floating along and hoping that you might get there one day.

So given that we are typically “instant gratification” beings, there is a lot to be said for laying out a plan. As the saying says, ‘If you fail to plan you plan to fail.’ By getting clear on these foundations, it will support you in your intention to launch this business and achieve success from the very beginning.

I wish you the greatest success in your launch. If there is anything I can do to help at any point in time, please feel free to reach out.

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