Launch My Business

So, you’ve got a great idea for a business, so, what comes next?

There are many skills required in business.  The top two are:

  • The technical skill to deliver what you want your business to deliver.
  • The business skill, to set up for success.

If you’re right at the beginning of your business and you’ve got a great idea, but not sure what are the right steps and the right order to take them in, then this programme is for you.

You can do business one of two ways.  You can, try to figure out the right steps, spend a heap of money, on marketing, software and other unnecessary elements, only to figure out in the long run that it’s not the right thing for you and your business and take over 10 years to figure out what are the necessary elements to get traction in your business.


You can invest in getting super clear on who you are, why this business will exist, what problem you solve and who you serve right from the get go and fast track your business and results.

In this program we’ll work together to;

  • Uncover your personal purpose
  • Identify your values
  • Establish your vision
  • Get clear on your mission statement
  • Settle on your “Just Cause”
  • Set some high level goals
  • Drill down on the KPI’s to measure your success
  • Establish who your ideal customer is

We’ll work together for roughly 12 weeks and establish all of the above.  You will walk away with a 2 page document, summarising this for you, giving you clear and strong foundations from which to make decisions from.

There will never be a question as to what the right and wrong decision is again, as you’ll be able to to check it against your Foundations and the answer will be there.

Key Outcomes:

  • Confidence and certainty in decision making
  • Know your next step and take action with confidence
  • Clarity on your point of difference
  • Ability to articulate the problem you solve
  • Know who your customers are and how to target them
  • Ability to tell your story with passion
  • Attract the right customers to launch with success

Working with Lisa over the past couple of months has allowed me to dig down into the depths of my core business foundations. This has been one of the most empowering and strategic business activities I’ve done in a long time. Creating an entirely new business model relies on knowing who you are, how you help, and whom you help best. Being certain of my motives, passions and strengths will allow me to respond to any shift in circumstances. I now understand how I can always evolve my business with offerings that are aligned to my values and transformational to the people I help best.

Thank you so much Lisa!

Kerry-Anne Nelson

Working with Lisa was amazing. She helped me implement many principals I had learned about, but didn’t know where to start. She broken things down into easy to apply methods and built on each subject week after week. Lisa also helped me think outside the box, look at things from a different perspective, think before I spoke and set goals that I could focus on each week and each month. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and guided me without making me feel threatened or intimidated or like a failure when I missed a goal. In the time we worked together, my attitude and perspective changed from a personal and business stand point and I will forever be grateful for the growth she helped me achieve. I look forward to the day we work together again.

Denise Overton

Beach Bod

I didnt think there was a magic button, I didnt think it could be better, I was just hoping it wouldn’t get any worse. I was looking for someone to give me some help to be able to keep going. Someone to convincingly tell me that it was going to be ok. (That started – when I’d give you my worst problem and you’d say awesome, it’s ok, you’re going to get through this) Lisa says that no problems are unfixable or unworkable. She does it not in a do it for you way, but ‘these are the steps that will make it ok – I’ll show you the steps to get thereLisa is now my buffer zone, when shit goes down, my first thought is, “I need to speak to Lisa first”, which enables me to be thoughtful – takes pressure off thinking I have to do anything straight away – that pause is so important because it means I am calculated in my response. My business has quadrupled in the last few years and I’m grateful to Lisa for her significant contribution to my business.

Sarah MacDonald

Canine Comprehension

The biggest problem I had was that I started to feel burnt out as a business owner after going through staff changes and a really stressful assessment process. We were struggling with occupancy rates and sometimes were at around 40%.  I felt like I was trying to keep everything together and that I was the only one who cared. I started off being an understanding leader to an irritated leader due to having poor systems in place . The industry is stressful as it is and I finally reached a point where I knew I needed to discover my why to help me get through this period. I knew from the beginning that I had a purpose for what Im doing but having difficulties articulating it to others. I was also interested to learn about myself as well as learn new ways of doing things. My new found skills definitely gave my team and families the confidence needed to trust where I was leading our service towards. I can honestly say that working with Lisa has boosted our occupancy due to word of mouth, we received good verbal and written feedback from our families and somehow people from further away travelled and enrolled in our service . I also learned that all those years of nerves speaking in front of a crowd was perhaps because I never really understood the content – because it wasnt my content or my why”.  The most important aspect through uncovering my Why is that every decision and reflection is guided through my vision and this has helped us stay on track and focused.


Child Care Centre