Launch My Team

So, you’ve got a successful business, and you’re ready to take on a staff member.

Staff in your business can be the best investment to help you grow, or the worst investment, taking up your time, causing you great stress and sucking your bank account dry.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a way to prepare for, on-board and lead your new team members, whether they are contractors, part time or full time employees, to ensure their success and contribution to your growth plan – Business Coach For Coaches Melbourne, Australia .

This includes, but is not limited to

  • Preparing solid foundations
  • Planning and business strategy
  • Execution and accountability
  • Basic marketing strategies
  • Identifying new service product opportunities
  • Improving after sales service
  • Role creation and recruitment
  • Staff and On-boarding
  • Development of Leadership and management skills
  • Performance managing
  • Dealing with difficult staff
  • Improving team culture
  • Sales management
  • Customer relation improvement
  • Bespoke problem solving

Just to name a few…

This really is about identifying what you want to achieve with your new team member and then working together on a weekly / fortnightly basis to get you there – Business Coach Melbourne.

My motto is, “For the problem to exist, so must the solution, and together we always find it”.

Most of my clients start off weekly and then when we’ve got solid momentum and they are getting results we switch to fortnightly.   Usually, my clients who’ve been with me for more than 2 years will then go on to a maintenance programme where we catch up once per month, to ensure the business is on track and they’re continuing to grow and achieve.

Let’s get together and see if what you’re wanting to achieve is something that I can help you with.

Working with Lisa has been so eye opening for us! Owning and operating a small business, it’s often easy to get caught up in the actual day to day of the business. Working with Lisa has meant that we’ve got dedicated time to stop and think, and her experience means that we’re having much more targeted conversations about ways we can scale and grow our business that we hadn’t stopped to think about before. Lisa makes all our sessions super relevant and engaging and we come away from each session with another tool in our tool belt to grow our profitability.

Steph Webster

Operations Director, Modern Hedge

We were recommended by a work colleague to use Lisa’s services when we were looking to run a Team building exercise for our very diverse group of staff. With only 2 prior verbal briefings Lisa was able to prepare an amazing day’s program, and engage all staff in the process. We will certainly use Lisa’s services again – her professional approach and ability to involve all members of the team and more importantly achieve positive outcomes. All staff in their feedback indicated it was a great session, so thanks Lisa and we will talk again soon re a return date with our Operational team.

Rozanne Lawton

General Manager, Holmesglen

Lisa is fantastic. Understanding, clear in her explanations and she knows her stuff. My business is growing and I would not have been able to stay on top of it and enjoy the ride without her. I was hesitant in bringing in a business couch at first, I thought they would just tell me what I already know. I was so wrong! Lisa’s ability to prioritise my ‘to do’ list, to find more efficient ways of working and keeping my team happy means I can continue to enjoy my growing success.

Thanks Lisa!

Sarah MacDonald

Director, Canine Comprehension

Lisa gave me the confidence to remember who I am, my strengths and the ability to understand what true leadership is. Thank you Lisa for helping me regain my confidence and conviction to lead and to continue to be the best my team and I actually are. The committee and I and the rest of the staff LOVE what I’ve learnt as it’s so beautiful in its simplicity and so sincere that it is a wonderful guideline. Whenever I read my notes I am delighted at what you helped me put together and what I have learnt and how it keeps me calm and safe. Thank you

Connie Solty


Before we met with Lisa we were struggling to effectively find and communicate with our staff.  This had a significant impact on us, both emotionally and financially.  We’d worked with previous business coaches and they’d focused wholly on the numbers rather than the people. Working with Lisa was refreshing, she provided so much hope and possibility in a real and relaxed environment.  We found her to be down to earth, yet professional, passionate and positive.  There was never an issue that couldn’t be solved.  Through working with Lisa we found that we became more confident in our ability to recruit and lead our staff. We feel a huge sense of relief, now we can confidently write a job description, identify the personality type that will fit that role, conduct effective and efficient interviews and onboard our new team members professionally.  

Trish and Trav Lang

Founders , House of Tint

A few weeks have passed by since we finished our coaching relationship.  During this time I have come to realise the real impact of our sessions and the wide reaching positive effect they have had upon my life in general. I am extremely aware of the power I have within my head to process all incoming information and make it a learning, opportunistic and palatable event. I no longer have sinking feelings of dread and almost seek out problem solving issues related to my professional day, as I feel I have the tools now to solve anything. Work relationships that I thought were strong have developed into meaningful relationships where I am receiving direct feed-back from people that they are more supported and understood by me. This in turn has had a major impact upon the general morale and productivity of the company, which was already strong, and is a result, I could only have dreamt about three months ago. I wake up every morning feeling happy to face the day. I refuse to allow the negative thoughts to fester and I am in control of my state of mind most of the time (Im not perfect so cant say all of the time!). My parenting has improved, my personal relationships are defined and stronger and my general outlook on life is more balanced and happy. All I can say is thank you Lisa. I am aware that you have been given the necessary skills to coach people though their individual life issues, however the personality you bring to the sessions is delightful. I miss seeing you and always looked forward to our sessions. The role you play is a gift and to make such a massive effect on a person’s life, which in turn has a ripple effect on others, is truly amazing. I am grateful to have met and had the experience of working with you. You have changed my life. Many, many thanks

Helen Treloar

General Manager