Leadership Skills Reduce The Bills

Leadership Skills Book

“Leadership Skills Reduce the Bills” by Lisa Wiking is a captivating book that takes you on a transformative journey into the world of effective leadership.

Drawing on the groundbreaking work of renowned author and motivational speaker Anthony Robbins, this book unveils the secret to becoming an exceptional leader and business owner by understanding and addressing the six core needs of your team.

Imagine having the power to create a work environment that is not only productive but also inspires a sense of purpose and fulfillment among your team members. This book shows you how to tap into the fundamental needs of your team members and harness their full potential.

My leadership knowledge before reading this book was very limited. I felt anxious & uncertain on how to lead a team. This book has opened me up to a whole new lease of life, leadership & way of thinking. It’s taught me to have very clear intentions from the start and to lead by example, be calm and stay professional at all times. Now I’ve learnt to install trust in my team and how to empower them to make their own decisions. This book has a wealth of knowledge for all people from any profession from a beginner like myself to the strongest leaders out there. I regularly refer back to the book to continue to learn and further develop my leadership skills. Thank you Lisa Wiking for helping me create a positive strong mindset.
Ben Cooper

Construction Manager, Metricon

Reading “Leadership Skills Reduce the Bills” couldn’t have come at a better time. I definitely feel I was missing some key leadership ‘tools’, and was in need of some motivation and new skills to take my business to the next level. I was getting frustrated and stressed that my team we unable perform how I needed them to in order to bring our business back to profit. I implemented each skill taught in the book with my team and with that things started to change. I believe what really shines through in this book is the ‘how’. I have read numerous other leadership books and the common theme is just the ‘what’ you need to do and not the ‘how’ or the action you should take. Lisa has done a brilliant job of teaching me what actions I need to take in order to change key areas of my leadership to see results and for that I will be forever grateful. One of the key areas I focused on was the environment in my business. My team were constantly focusing on the negatives, things they were unable to control and as a result weren’t seeing any positive outcomes. After reading this book and putting into action a few of the strategies Lisa taught me, the team is much more focused on the present and the future of the business and the opportunities we have. It’s a really refreshing feeling and most of all it’s exciting! This book is a must have on every leaders reading list. Well done Lisa, such an inspiration.
Stephanie McClounan

Team Leader, Escape Travel

First, let’s delve into the concept of certainty.

In today’s fast-paced world, people crave stability, safety, and predictability. As a leader, you have the incredible opportunity to provide your team with a sense of security and establish clear expectations. By doing so, you can instill confidence and enable your team members to thrive in any situation.

While certainty is crucial, humans also yearn for variety and excitement. Imagine a workplace that stimulates and engages your team members, fueling their creativity and passion. By introducing new challenges and opportunities for growth, you can create an environment that nurtures innovation and keeps your team members motivated and fulfilled.

We all want to feel significant, don’t we? That’s why the third core need, significance, is vital. As a leader, recognising and acknowledging the unique contributions of each individual on your team is the key to unlocking their potential. By making your team members feel valued and showing them that their work matters, you can ignite a sense of purpose and empower them to achieve greatness.

Humans are social creatures, craving connections and a sense of belonging. As a leader, you have the power to foster a genuine community within your team. Encouraging collaboration, fostering open communication, and creating an inclusive atmosphere can cultivate strong bonds that uplift your team members and help them thrive together.

But it doesn’t stop there! Growth is an inherent human desire. We all want to learn, develop, and become better versions of ourselves. As a leader, you can provide your team members with invaluable opportunities for growth and development. By investing in their skills and knowledge, you not only empower them individually but also strengthen the collective capabilities of your team.

Last but certainly not least, the sixth core need is contribution. We all long to make a meaningful impact and be part of something greater than ourselves. As a leader, you can align the personal goals of your team members with the vision and goals of your organisation. By creating a sense of purpose and reminding them of the significance of their work, you can inspire unwavering dedication and passion.

“Leadership Skills Reduce the Bills” goes beyond theoretical concepts. It provides practical strategies and actionable steps to help you implement structure and systems that meet the needs of your team members without overwhelming yourself. With the knowledge and tools shared in this book, you can transform your leadership style, create a positive and inspiring work environment, and achieve unparalleled success.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative leadership journey? Get ready to unleash your true leadership potential and reduce the bills of inefficiency and disengagement in your organisation. Let’s dive in and discover the incredible impact you can make as a leader who understands and addresses the six core needs of your team members.