The Truth About Poor Time Management: Hear From Business Coaching Melbourne

Are 24 hours just not enough? Are you constantly dealing with one urgent matter right after the other? Are you giving up important projects because you lack the time? 

People often employ business coach services feeling exhausted and discouraged with such concerns. They understand their business priorities but somehow, don’t have enough time to commit to them. With my experience, I have often found a poorly identified business strategy as the cause of poor time management. 

Let’s look at what the common experience’s are and then discuss a business coaching plan and time management hacks! 

A lack of business strategy could be the cause of poor time management skills if you identify with any of the following: 

  • Working too many hours – yet still missing deadlines
  • Always running late
  • Failure in accomplishing goals
  • Unhealthy sleeping and nutrition habits
  • Procrastination
  • Constantly distracted
  • Constantly busy calendar
  • Difficulty in making decisions

In Australia and elsewhere, it is common for businesses to face these challenges, be it start-ups or well-established companies. With my business coaching Melbourne experience, I have devised some time management hacks that work best for all businesses.

●     Do not take every opportunity that comes your way

Yes, you read that right! NOT EVERY OPPORTUNITY IS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR GROWTH. In most cases, if you create clutter with less important projects, you can lose out on some better opportunities. 

However, I always mention in my business coach program that you have to be very calculative with this hack. Understand your key business objective and stick to it. Say no to distractions, anything that doesn’t move you towards your objective. Delegate projects that can be automated or outsourced. The caveat here, do not create a reputation of always saying no. Prioritise, and prioritise well according to your overarching business objective!

●     Plan your day and stick to it

No, I am not talking about bulldozing through your to-do list and always rushing around to finish your work. Calm down and plan for all that you need to do. Then make time allocations for everything.  Schedule your calendar so you minimise the amount of time figuring out what you should be doing. Set recurring appointments for recurring activities. Space out your meetings. Allow yourself breathing room in your schedule. 

Put your heart into what you do, but take it slow. Remember, the tortoise won the race after all! As a business coach, I suggest remaining focussed on your business objective and the broken down goals to achieve all that you plan for the day.

●     One size never fits all

You will find several tools that promise to handle your calendar and even provide you with daily motivation. In Australia, I use google calendar, that manages all my appointments and recurring tasks. But is one app right for everybody? If you look at your overarching business strategy, and be guided by that, you will find the solutions that work for you. 

Consult with a business coaching Melbourne service to establish your overarching business objective, to provide you with motivation and understand what’s important. This will help you to identify tools to manage different aspects of your business, to maximise success with minimised effort.

●     Perfectionism doesn’t exist!

Don’t kill yourself trying to get it perfect. After working for Melbourne business owners for a long time, I understand the preoccupation with perfection. But let’s come back to the real world. Perfectionism doesn’t exist. You can only put your best feet forward in this moment and in doing so, you improve each time. 

So, always give your best but don’t be obsessed with constantly polishing your work. Consider your work in drafts, produce and deliver draft one and then refine and improve as you receive feedback – Business Coach Melbourne.

●     Delegate

I’ve observed that a lack of skills and difficulty in delegating work has been a common cause of poor time management in my business coaching Melbourne practice. I have seen entrepreneurs struggle to come to terms with the fact that they cannot do everything on their own. 

To achieve your business goals within the Melbourne landscape, you have to start with a great idea and identify your business objective. Once you’ve established a viable business, then the next challenge is to train others to deliver your products and/or services. Then you’re able to take back some of that precious irreplaceable time, to spend with your family and look after your health and fitness. 

Always remember, your business exists because of you.  So take care of you, consult experts to solve the business’ problems and continue to achieve the growth you desire.

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