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Lisa Wiking

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Who is Lisa Wiking?

Lisa Wiking is a business leadership expert, trainer and published author who’s passionate about the fact that life and business success starts with the awareness of purpose. She believes that understanding our purpose in life and business is the foundation to making great business decisions and remaining connected and inspired with what we do even in the difficult times.

Lisa’s personal “Why” is to “Inspire Positive Influence to enable Happiness”. Whether this be one on one with a client, presenting to a group of leaders at a retreat or conference, parenting with her partner, raising her two children or simply chatting with her girlfriends, Lisa believes that positive influence is the key to ensuring happiness and success for all.

Her ‘just cause’ is to ensure that “No business owner or staff member is left standing aimlessly, not knowing what to do next! Everyone feels safe in their work environment, confident to make a contribution, boosting their self esteem and overall happiness”.

She helps small business owners build, improve and maintain positive working environments, increasing staff morale, staff retention, customer retention, productivity and ultimately profitability.

With 20 years’ experience in business leadership, Lisa is committed to her craft, having led teams ranging from 4-5 to over 100 people to achieve success, sustainability and growth.

Lisa’s passionate about ensuring small businesses gain the same knowledge that benefits large corporations; understanding the key to emerge from struggling to growth and scalability. This is why Lisa has united with The Better Business For Good Company. This joint venture provides clients with a clear and simple plan utilising the “Business Improvement Programme”. A dashboard technology established by replicating all elements of successful businesses one checklist at a time. This produces so much value to clients because along with the support and guidance required to enable small business owners to navigate their way through difficult times it also enables them emerge with a clearly defined plan and next step system, giving them greater sense of clarity and potential for success.

Why Choose Lisa as Your Business Coach?


Inspire 10,000 women to break free from the corporate chains and start doing what they are passionate about!


Helping women with a concept for a service-based business, build the foundations, define her service, identify her market and select the road map for achievement.

Lisa’s Values



I must enjoy the work I do and the people I work with.



I love people and I love my clients, I’ll do everything I can to ensure they get a result.



Nothing bothers me more than excuse makers. By taking responsibility, we can do something about it.

b3lineicon|b3icon-alarm-bell||Alarm Bell


Do it well or don’t do it at all is my motto. (But don’t procrastinate on getting it perfect)

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This is about constant learning for me – growing my knowledge. I’m currently completing my MBA.



Success points of reference, being recognised for the work I do and helping others achieve is crucial. I need to be able to see my clients achievements. It’s the flame that drives me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a specific question, you might find the answer here;

How long does a session go for?

We will work till we achieve the outcome, usually a session is complete within an hour.

How long have you been a coach for?

I studied coaching back in 2005 and have been coaching in one way or another ever since then. 

What makes you qualified to be a business coach?

Having started my career in the travel industry in 1997, it was a great base to learn the basics of business.  The first business I ran we improved by over 300% in 12 months.   I then took over the operations of a ‘Coaching School’ and we doubled the turnover, year on year through the GFC.  I then helped 19 Store managers run their business helping them to become more profitable. Since having my first child, I’ve coached many many businesses, in improving their business operations, business leadership and management and efficiency to achieve the greater results they desire.

Can I speak with one of your past clients?

Sure, let me know and I’ll contact one of them to see if they are happy to have a conversation with you

What makes you a good coach?

Well, my clients say, that I’m insightful, knowledgable and able to switch between human coaching (mindset) and business coaching (strategy and best business practices)  as required to attain the desired result.  In fact, it was one of my clients who came up with the statement “Offering clarity in the overwhelming confusion”.

How much do you charge?

It’s a case of looking at your desired result and then assessing how to best achieve it.  My programs start at as little as $347 per month, depending on how much input you’re looking for from me.

What’s important to you in a client?

My values are Fun, Connection, Responsibility, Quality, Growth and Achievement.  So the more you resonate with these specific values, the more success we’ll have.  If, when speaking, I don’t feel we’re a match, I will tell you and refer you on to a colleague that’s more suitable

What is your business purpose?

I’m an avid Simon Sinek fan and much of my work is inspired by him.  My “Just Cause” is to work until “No business owner or staff member is left standing aimlessly, not knowing what to do next!  Everyone feels safe in their work environment able to make a contribution, boosting their self esteem and overall happiness”

What is your personal purpose?

Whether I’m talking to a client, to my sister, girlfriends, partner or children, my purpose is always the same, “To inspire positive influence to enable happiness”

Tell me about you?

Well, I could go on forever, however here’s a brief overview.  I grew up in the Yarra Valley, East of Melbourne.  My parents still live there and that’s where we’re riding out the ‘Covid’ storm.  I spent a large portion of my career in the travel industry and hence spent a significant amount of time in Bali.  I have a lovely partner and two gorgeous children.  I’m a mad “Maria Montessori” fan and love that my children are experiencing such a richly cultured education at the Montessori School in Bali.  My passion for Bali and the Balinese people runs deep.  It’s not the ’typical bogan Bali’ that it’s reputation lends itself to, rather a deeply spiritual place where I find a great sense of peace and comfort.  It’s for that reason, my family and I moved there, 14 months before we had to return due to the pandemic in March 2020.  We were coming home, only for a holiday to see friends and family.  It has turned into an extended stay and we’ll return when it’s safely possible.  In the meantime, we’re lucky enough to call the Yarra Valley home. Now, I’d like to learn about you…. tell me more about you?