Do You Think Entrepreneurship Can Be Lonely? Hear From A Business Launch Consultant Melbourne

When people have a new business idea, they are usually very excited and full of energy. The whole journey of creating something on your own is full of great joys and significant challenges. But as a business plan launch coach, I have also seen entrepreneurs lose motivation very quickly and begin to feel very lonely. 

When I get to chat with them they communicate that they feel stuck, not sure of what the next right action is. It’s a challenge as they don’t have the ability to bounce ideas off their team. They tell me “It’s scary to think – what if I make a mistake? Who will help me make good business decisions? How can I minimise the risk of making detrimental business decisions? These are common questions that entrepreneurs ask me as their business plan launch consultant

As a business launch consultant in Melbourne, I understand that solopreneurs are on their own without any safety net. It is very natural for them to start a business with the ‘Employee Mindset’ trying to be less distracted and more productive, yet they sometimes they fall in to the trap of following the new shiny object and fail to see projects through to completion without any external motivation. 

I also strongly believe that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. So, if you are facing the solo-entrepreneurial blues, I want to share some great tips that have helped entrepreneurs all across Australia, when we’ve worked together  – Grow Business Coaching Melbourne .

●     Connect with an entrepreneurial community

That’s right! After all, who can understand your situation better than those who are in the same situation? Several communities across Melbourne would love to have female business founders on board with them. Whether you meet them physically or virtually, you will always have a support system to go to at times of loneliness. By investing time in connecting with other entrepreneurs, sharing ideas, thoughts and hearing others challenges and achievements, you will learn more skills to expand and establish your business while solving the challenges that you are facing.  I’d love to invite you to a brand new Female Founders Business Community where we do just that! 

●     Prioritize your relationships

Yes, you have started a new journey but your old relationships are also important. I’ve had many conversation with clients as a the business launch strategist coach where my clients were grappling with how to continue to move forward whilst maintaining old relationships.  My best tip is to segment your relationships into those that support and encourage you and those that don’t.  Create your pool of people that do support you and only speak about your business to that group of people.  If you don’t have anyone, please join us in the link above and we’ll be that group for you.  Then with those that don’t, accept them for who they are and choose to see their lack of support for you as concern and care.  Don’t talk with them about your business as it will only deflate you, save that for the supportive group.  Most importantly, DO NOT GIVE UP on your dream, if you can conceive it, you can achieve it!

●     Stay in touch with your mentor

Do you have someone in your life who you really look up to? They might be a friend or someone from your work place that can be your mentor. So whenever you struggle to find the right balance in your life with entrepreneurial endeavours, always go back to your mentor. They can be valuable resources for learning and who can also share a thing or two from their own experience. Talk to them about your challenges and you will begin to see clarity in dealing with your entrepreneurial blues. If you don’t have a mentor, or know of someone who could be, you can always talk to your business coach as well.

●     Learn to say no

Saying yes to everything means that you are always chasing your tail, never achieving anything. There will always be another meeting to attend, so you have to strategically decide what you want to do through the lease of your overarching business strategy. If you constantly keep doing things that others want you to do, then you will help them achieve their goals and yours will fall by the wayside. Learning to say no and making your business a priority means you’ll have the chance to grow faster and achieve the goal of having a team around you, enabling you to build your own community, whether that be in person in Melbourne or on-line.

●     Remember yourself

Businesses comes at great cost and can make you question yourself and your abilities. Talking to your business launch consultant Melbourne can be very helpful at such times. The most important thing to remember is be clear and remind yourself of who you are and why you started the business in the first place. When you value yourself and make time for yourself, you feel motivated, achieve more and therefore feel less lonely. Always remember your insatiable desire and remain focused on your overarching business objective to achieve what you originally set out to! 

Other elements of your mental health that can help in reducing the loneliness include getting out in the Australian nature, exercising, getting some fresh air and appreciating the beauty around you.  Focussing on the people you do have in your life and connecting with them when ever you can – Business Team Launch Coach Melbourne

The intention of this blog is to offer some new ideas to explore to help you on your solopreneurial journey! ! If you think my expertise as a business launch consultant Melbourne,  may help you, then feel free to connect with me. Remember, you are only lonely as long as you want to be and there is always someone there to listen, when you’re ready to talk.

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